Romantic Picnic Ideas

Lots of romantic picnic ideas for you to try.  Setting the scene, romantic picnic food ideas and a vital checklist of what NOT to forget to take.

A meadow full of flowers is a wonderful romantic picnic idea

When it comes to planning a romantic picnic there are three things to consider for the success of the event:

They are:

  1. Location – where you are going to go to set the right scene
  2. Picnic Food - Ideas that are easy to prepare and will travel well
  3. The right picnic equipment - A checklist of all the things you might need or want.

Maybe the weather is looking dubious and you’re not sure if an outdoor picnic is the best of romantic picnic ideas.

If that's the case, do visit our pages on other types for romantic dates including dinners out and evenings in.

But if you do decide a picnic is the thing, whatever the weather, be sure take along a waterproof ground sheet, and something you can get under if it starts to pour (and how romantic that can be).

Choosing a location for that romantic picnic

If a favorite picnic spot doesn’t immediately come to mind, here are some suggestions for finding that perfect romantic picnic location – and avoiding some of the traps.

Nothing like the riverside for a romantic picnic relax
  • Riverside or on the river:
    There is something about picnicking on a river bank that just spells romance so it's an excellent romantic picnic idea. Find a shady spot, under a tree where you can spread out and maybe feed the local ducks. Maybe even hire a boat and row to a secluded spot where you can pull up the boat and enjoy being away from everyone. This is a great teenage picnic idea.
  • On the beach:
    There's nothing like the sound of the waves and the sand in your toes. But picnic food and sand often don’t mix, so if sand in your sandwiches bothers you, find a beach that has grassy slopes leading down to the sand where you can set up your picnic. Take along your swimsuit and towels so you can combine the picnic with a dip in the ocean.
  • In the shade of a huge old tree:
    On a hot day it can be lovely to set up your picnic under a tree. A couple of things to watch out for: The tree may have extensive roots along ground that make it impossible to sit comfortably. And too many birds in the tree can mean you get some unwanted additions to your picnic food.
  • In a public park or garden:
    Do you have a lovely Botanic Garden or public memorial garden near you that has lots of room and secluded spots? This can be a lovely picnic location on quiet weekdays or weekends, but may be a bit crowded and noisy on public holidays.
  • A field of wildflowers, or a grassy meadow:
    The ultimate secluded and private picnic location (especially if the grass is long:). The main thing to watch out for with some meadows is that the other possible occupants of the field – cows, bulls, sheep etc., are friendly. The other challenge is to find a poo free patch for your picnic!
  • A cliff-top with a stunning view:
    One of the loveliest romantic picnic ideas. The main hazard that could spoil the occasion is that cliff tops are inclined to be windy. So check your weather forecast and wind direction.
  • A wood or a forest:
    Sunlight filtering through the trees and the sounds of birds and maybe scampering animals are a fabulous setting for romance. But don't forget the insect repellent:)
  • Picnic at night:
    Take along some sheltered candles or some other light and enjoy a picnic in any of the above locations by the light of the stars.

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Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

Any picnic food can be made romantic. Even the humble sandwich.

But like all romantic picnic ideas, it's all about presentation. The pretty cloth, the carefully folded napkins, beautiful picnic plates and glasses.

This is not a recipe site, so for actual recipes there are loads of picnic food websites and cookery books such as the gorgeous Seductive Tables for Two.

A lot will depend on your food preferences, but the main thing to remember is to choose foods that will travel well and are not too messy to eat.

The other thing to consider is how much work do you want to do on preparation. Do you want to be barbecuing, slicing and making salads or do you just want minimum food fuss?

If it's the latter you could simply buy an assorted sushi plate or barbecued chicken (already cut up) and some salads that need no preparation. Follow with cheese and some delicious fresh fruit

Even the humble sandwich can be a romantic picnic idea if you go for exotic fillings like smoked salmon, rare beef, or prosciutto with olives and cream cheese on a tasty gourmet bread (yum) and served from a lovely old fashioned wicker picnic basket.

Picnicking in the cold weather? Then how about a flask of hot soup? Similarly a cool gazpacho could be a great way to start a summer picnic.

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Romantic Picnic Checklist -
what not to forget!

This checklist will help you remember what to take on your romantic picnic

You are not going to need everything on this list for your romantic picnic idea.

But if you use it instead of wracking your brains to remember things, you will avoid disasters such as forgetting the bottle opener or glasses, insect repellent, tissues, torch or some other such essential.

  1. A good cooler that will keep the food cool and fresh until you are ready to eat.
  2. Rug to spread out on the 
ground - preferably with a waterproof back. Cushions for extra comfort.
  3. If you’re not into sitting on the ground, take along a portable table and chairs.
  4. Beach umbrella or something to create shade if there is none.
  5. Portable barbecue – yes it has been known to forget the barbecue!
  6. A sharp knife and some serving spoons
  7. Small cutting board
  8. Plates, bowls, cups and glasses – don’t just take an odd assortment. Invest in some really elegant picnic wear that will set the romantic scene.
  9. Stylish napkins (no a role of paper towel won’t do!)
  10. Tin opener, bottle opener, champagne sealer.
  11. A torch, candles and matches for a night-time picnic
  12. Small salt and pepper containers, and maybe sugar.
  13. Garbage bags - don’t leave them – take them with you and put in a bin.
  14. Plastic bags or containers for left-overs
  15. Paper towels or wet wipes to clean up the fingers.
  16. Sunscreen and sunhats
  17. Insect repellent – nothing worse than bug bites to spoil the mood.
  18. Lots of water or soda. Wine is dehydrating, especially in hot weather.
  19. Tissues – for fingers and toilet visits.
  20. Something to play your favorite music with.
  21. If the weather is not guaranteed to stay fine, a waterproof groundsheet and some umbrellas.

So there you have it – now the only ingredient missing is you and your loved one.

Have you ever planned and had a wonderfully romantic picnic?
We’d love to hear about the most romantic picnic you have experienced.

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Did you like romantic picnic ideas?  Then look at these ideas for a romantic evening at home.

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