Romantic Evening Ideas
For When You Want To Stay Home

These romantic evening ideas are for when you want to stay home and add some spice and romance to the evenings activities.

A bath for two with a glass of wine - now that's a romantic evening idea

Romantic Ideas for when you stay home are fun to plan and carry out, either as a couple or by one of you to surprise the other.

But even if you do plan the evening together, surprise your partner with a little tweak that really adds the zing to your collective plans.

It may be simple and small but with romance, it really is the thought that counts.

Maybe you don't feel like going out on the town for a romantic date.

Or there are circumstances that are keeping you at home.

So let's see what cool romantic activities you can create without setting a foot outside.

And if you decide you don't want to stay in after all and are looking for evening ideas where you  do go out and about. check out our ideas for romantic dinners 

But first :

Stay Home and Enjoy These
Romantic Evening Ideas

  • Order-in with class:
    Instead of ordering in your usual pizza or Thai take-away - source a classy restaurant that delivers and splash out on a full meal and a bottle of good wine.

    Set a table with your best china and glass and add flowers and candles to create a romantic dinner setting.

    Dress in each others favorite outfits. Lower the lights, put on soft music and have a relaxed meal and a few glasses of wine - without having to worry about driving home!
  • Play a board game: If you type "Romantic Board Games", into your search engine, lots of options will come up from the restrained to the frankly, sexy. What you choose is up to you!

    They can be a lot of fun to experiment with and play as you lounge about on the floor or set them up on the bed. Have a look at this fun Romantic Rendevous game.

  • Create the mood with movies:
    Rent or download some favorite movies to watch. They don't have to have a romantic theme, just be movies you will both enjoy. Buy some favorite chocolates to share, as you cuddle up on the sofa to watch.

  • Picnic in the garden:
    Weather permitting, have a picnic in the back yard. Lay a lovely cloth, light some sheltered candles and enjoy a picnic meal. Here you'll find some more Romantic Picnic Ideas as well as picnic food ideas.

  • Have a champagne bath party:
    Fill up the bath using some wonderfully smelling bath bubbles. Put some little snacks on a plate, crack a bottle of champagne and play tootsies (or whatever) as you sip, nibble and share your thoughts.

  • Review those honeymoon or holiday photos:
    Sitting together with a glass of wine and reliving those wonderful times either in an album or on your computer can be a really great togetherness experience.

How did you like those romantic evening ideas? Have you spent a romantic evening at home you'd like to share with our readers? Please take a couple of minutes to tell us about it.

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