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Here's how to create romantic birthday ideas that will add to the fun and enjoyment of the day for you both and some great suggestions for birthday gifts for him and her.

Surprise is the key

There's nothing like a romantic birthday surprise to add a special sparkle to your partner's eyes.

Even though your partner may be expecting a certain celebration or a longed for gift, it's the Romantic Birthday Surprise, that will really make the day.

On these pages you'll find a great selection of creative ideas and gifts for him and her.

We're sure these ideas will spark your own creativity and make the birthday an occasion to remember for something more than the passing of the years.

On our gift pages we'll show you how any birthday gift can be made romantic - even something as basic as garden tools or cooking pots.

So let's get going with those romantic birthday ideas and when you've read them do please take a couple of minutes to tell us about the most romantic birthday surprise you have organised.

  • Breakfast time romance: Start the day by serving breakfast in bed - prepare whatever you know are your partners favorite brekky foods. Include a tiny savory or sweet muffin with a birthday candle. Maybe present the breakfast tray with your beautifully wrapped birthday gift.
  • Do the chores: Making the birthday a chore-free day for your partner can have a romantic pay-off! Make the bed, do the washing up and tidy and put fresh flowers everywhere as you go
  • Welcome Home: Even if you are planning on going out for a romantic birthday dinner, start the mood early. Welcome your partner home with dimmed lights, candles, soft music and a favorite snack. Then, if you do actually get to go out, you can indulge in one of these Romantic Dinner Ideas.
  • Ferries at Sunset: Take a ferry ride in the sunset to a beach or some other picnic destination. Pack a rug, a bottle of champagne and some picnic food. Toast your beloved as you present your birthday gift. See more Romantic Picnic Ideas all occasions
A ferry ride in the sunset:  What a romantic birthday idea
  • Surprise dinner with friends: Even if your partner hates the idea of a surprise party (and many do), a surprise dinner with close friends at a favorite restaurant, can be really special.
  • A birthday basket of love: Gather together some small items you know are wanted by your partner, or will be treasured and pack them into a basket with some colored tissue and flower heads. Even a new garlic press can be a romantic birthday idea if presented in this way!
  • Hidden surprises: Hide small meaningful birthday gifts around the home - under the pillow, in the mailbox, in the car, refrigerator - wherever you know they will look. Zazzle has lots of ideas for those small surprise presents.
  • A birthday surprise adventure: Tell your partner you have organized something special but don't tell them what.Buy two tickets to an event you know your partner would love to go, but maybe has never got around to attending.

    Some ideas are a musical show or play, a favorite band concert, horse racing, baseball, cricket, or some other sporting event. Even a mystery train trip or flight to an surprise destination where you then have lunch or dinner.

    Don't tell them where you are going, it's a surprise! But do make sure subtly that they dress appropriately. You won't get any brownie points for having them get ready for their surprise in evening dress, if it turn out to be a football match or a train trip!

So how are you going? Was there something there that you think would work to create a truly romantic birthday. Go to  More Ideas for a Romantic Birthday for some more creative ideas to make the day really special.

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