Creative Romantic Gift Ideas
To Make Yourself

These creative romantic gift ideas for any occasion are not only original but special because you make them yourself with love

It's the thought that counts with creative romantic gift ideas

Homemade gift ideas - where you have put thought and effort into their creation - can mean just as much to your partner as the most expensive bought present.

So for those times when money is short, or you simply feel like showing your love with something from your hands as well as your heart, below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Of course if you have an artistic hobby like pottery or painting, then coming up with a great creative romantic gift ideas is a no-brainer.

And in these days of technology, do-it-yourself kits and computer programs, there is no reason for the rest of us not to find something acceptable that can also pass as homemade.

So let's get you started with some of our ideas that may be right for you.

  • Say it with songs: Gather together a selection of favorite tunes and songs and either burn them to a single CD, or load them up on their I pod. You may have to find an excuse to borrow their I pod and then the selection can be a real surprise.
  • A calender of your love: Choose 12 photos of places you have been together and have had a wonderful time. Decorate a plain wall calender with them so each month the pictures will bring back special memories.
  • Add a monogram: You can give anything from a towel or a bathrobe to a T-shirt or a cushion or even glass wear (the possibilities are almost endless) and it becomes a homemade if there is a personal message or symbol embroidered or stamped on it.
  • Create a romantic webpage online: A webpage that traces the romance of your relationship and is full of romantic things to say is bound to be a winner. We have a free and easy way for you to do this and show your creativity at Love Messages Online where you can upload your photos, videos, special messages and quotes in your very own webpage.
  • A slideshow of your good times: Gather together a bunch of digital photos that trace your relationship and create a computer slide show of date, holidays, special occasions and so on. Put in some background music of favorite and relevant romantic songs.
  • Cook up a favorite dish: This may sound a bit corny, but turning up at their place with their favorite indulgent desert, cake or biscuits home prepared, could be a winner, especially if you also bring a bottle of bubbly. This book has our favorite (and simple to follow) recipe for chocolate mouse
  • A card can say it all: Whatever your ideas for homemade romantic gifts, you are going to want to give a card with it. Why not make that yourself?You could use colored cardboard and decorate with flowers and leaves or photographs to name a few ideas. And then if you are stuck to what you write you could get some ideas from our pages of Romantic Quotes and Sayings

If you have been clever with creative romantic gift ideas that you are really proud of we'd love to hear about it in the Face Book section below. Take a couple of minutes to tell us, and the other visitors to this site, what you made and the experience of making it.

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